Version 1.962 of SilverLining, available now from our download page, eliminates all third-party DLL dependencies. This simplifies the distribution of an app linked with SilverLining, and gets you up and running that much faster when doing an initial integration.

We no longer link against NVidia’s Cg Toolkit libraries, instead using GLSL or HLSL directly and falling back to fixed-function pipeline functionality on older drivers that do no support these shader technologies. We’ve also stopped linking against GLUT in our OpenGL renderer, which was a common source of DLL conflicts when people had different versions of GLUT installed on their systems.

This latest revision also includes a few bug fixes specific to stratus clouds; updating is recommended if you’re using stratus clouds under OpenGL on ATI cards, or if you’re using stratus clouds with coverage less than 1.0 under DirectX9.