Sundog authored two chapters in Game Engine Gems 2Game Engine Gems 2 is being released at the Game Developer’s Conference by A.K. Peters Publishing, and you can order it online at Amazon now. As with volume 1, Sundog’s Frank Kane has contributed two chapters to this book.

Chapter 2, “Modeling, Lighting, and Rendering Techniques for Volumetric Clouds”, goes into some of the techniques we use for procedurally generating large cloud layers at runtime, cloud lighting techniques, and cloud rendering techniques – many of which are used in SilverLining. If you’re looking for more depth into how SilverLining works under the hood, this is a must-have.

In Chapter 3 we cover “Simulation of Night-Vision and Infrared Sensors.” Although this isn’t directly related to a Sundog product, we hope you find it useful. Speaking of IR simulations, remember SilverLining does have an IR simulation mode built into it via the Atmosphere::SetInfraRedMode method.