Trinigy Vision Game Engine

Sundog’s SilverLining brings simulated skies, clouds, and precipitation to Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine

Trinigy / SilverLining IntegrationSEATTLE, WA AND AUSTIN, TX, April 12, 2011 – Sundog Software LLC, a leading developer of computer graphics middleware for rendering the sky and 3D clouds, has integrated its technology with Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine. The integration between Sundog’s SilverLining SDK and the Vision Game Engine is available today, and brings physically realistic skies, clouds, lighting, and precipitation effects to licensed users of Trinigy’s game engine on the PC platform.

Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine is used on over 200 commercial game productions across a wide variety of platforms and services (Windows®, Xbox360®, PlayStation®3, Wii™, XBLA™, PSN™, WiiWare™, and most common browsers), as well as most game genres, including racing, role-playing, and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. These genres all feature expansive outdoor scenes, which will benefit from SilverLining’s physically realistic skies.

SilverLining allows game and visual simulation developers to specify any time, location, and weather conditions they wish, and produces matching skies, clouds, and weather effects within their application automatically. SilverLining also generates realistic natural lighting for outdoor scenes by simulating the scattering of sunlight and moonlight through the atmosphere. SilverLining’s expansive toolset will now be accessible directly within the Vision Game Engine’s scene editor, vForge, for developers of PC games and simulations.

“By integrating SilverLining with Trinigy’s scene editor, completing realistic outdoor scenes in a game is now just a matter of a few clicks,” said Frank Kane, owner of Sundog Software. “For games and training systems with outdoor environments, the sky and everything in it is a big part of the scene. We’re proud to offer our physically-based rendering to the long list of customers producing groundbreaking content with Trinigy.”

SilverLining is used by developers across the world for rendering skies and volumetric clouds in games, military flight simulators, architectural visualization, and television weather broadcasts. Its accurate positioning of the sun, moon, stars, and planets give it the fidelity required by serious training applications as well.

”The SilverLining integration provides another great option and a valuable shortcut to PC developers seeking to include realistic time-of-day effects and volumetric clouds in their Vision-powered games and simulations,” said Felix Roeken, general manager of Trinigy. “From extensive programmatic control to easy access of SilverLining’s features via vForge, developers will appreciate the freedom and speed with which they can create realistic skies for any given time and location.”

Free demos and evaluation packages of SilverLining and the Vision Game Engine / SilverLining integration package may be found at, as well as information on royalty-free, per-title licenses. More information on Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine is available at