JONSWAP wave model in Triton 2.1

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 3, 2013) The newest software release from Sundog Software LLC combines real oceanographic research with advanced mathematics and the latest graphics technology to make virtual oceans come alive for developers of training simulators and video games.

Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software, said Version 2.1 of Sundog’s Triton Ocean SDK software library, used by developers worldwide to add realistic 3D water effects to games, simulations, and training applications, offers unparalleled realism in the look and action of ocean forces. And the closer you get, the better it looks.

“Triton 2.1 simulates literally tens of thousands of waves at once, and adds them together in every frame with a technique called inverse fast Fourier transform (FFT) to produce highly realistic swells, spray, and wind waves based on a real physical simulation,” Kane explained.

“We’re using real oceanographic research to power real-time water effects with a stunning level of realism. That’s as important for game developers as it is for maritime training simulators—what trainees see on the monitors is almost exactly what they will see on the ocean,” Kane said.

Coastal Effects in Triton for Unity ProSundog’s Triton 2.1 applies the latest physical models for ocean waves — Pierson-Moskowitz and JONSWAP — to tens of thousands of waves at once, at hundreds of frames per second.

With Triton 2.1, game and simulation developers can add swells from distant storms and can even simulate fetch length — the effect of how far wind has traveled on the waves in the scene.

Sundog’s Triton Ocean SDK software library is already popular with video game companies and large military contractors, and has been purchased by the US Navy and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Demos, videos, and evaluation kits are available from Sundog’s website at

Sundog Software is a client company of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program in the Central Florida Research Park in East Orange County.

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