SilverLining with Ogre on an iPadWe are proud to announce the launch of the SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK for iOS! The image to the right is from an iPad, running SilverLining together with the Ogre engine. You can grab an evaluation SDK for iOS from our download page, and licenses are available for just $475 at our purchase page. Together with our SDK’s for Android and Unity platforms, SilverLining’s dynamic skies easily adds realistic lighting, skies, and clouds to apps on all major mobile platforms – for any time, location, and conditions you care to simulate.

Our iOS SDK includes release libraries for both iOS and the simulator, and all the headers and documentation you need to get started. Included are sample applications for a simple iOS app built “from scratch,” as well as a sample application for the Ogre 3D engine on iOS.

SilverLining for iOS makes dynamic skies and outdoor lighting effects a matter of a few lines of code for iPhone and iPad apps.

Download the evaluation SDK for iOS to get started!