We are delighted to announce the release of our first consumer product – SkyMaxx Pro, an add-on for the popular X-Plane 10 flight simulator! Developed in conjuction with Maxx-XP, SkyMaxx Pro replaces X-Plane’s built-in clouds with SilverLining’s 3D cumulus congestus, stratus, cumulonimbus, cirrus, and stratocumulus cloud layers. The result is more detailed, more realistic clouds you can fly through, with lightning, crepuscular rays, and a more sophisticated cloud lighting model. A video says a million words:

Initial sales have been brisk, and we’re quite proud of the results! If you’re a user of X-Plane 10, give your X-Plane clouds a boost with SkyMaxx Pro. It works with X-Plane’s weather system, and is compatible with popular weather add-ons. SkyMaxx Pro is sold exclusively by X-Aviation.

SkyMaxx Pro is intended for non-commercial use. If you’re looking to integrate SilverLining into a commercial X-Plane training application, please contact us for licensing information.