Up and To The RightWe’ve closed the books on 2013, and our sales are up 90% relative to 2012. Net income before taxes is up over 100%. Those figures exclude revenue from consulting services and contract work (which is also up).

Thank you to all of our new customers in 2013, and to our old customers who helped spread the word about our products and customer service. We will continue our incessant focus on product development and customer support in 2014.

Looking back on 2013, some things that drove this and future growth were:

  • Sales of the Triton Ocean SDK overtook already healthy sales of the SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK. Triton has seen a lot of maturation in the past year, and customers are taking notice.
  • We’ve seen steady growth in our asset packages for the Unity Pro engine. Unity’s user base continues to grow, and word is spreading about the quality of our water and clouds. In general, Sundog Software has diversified from being mostly a simulation and training company to one that has gained acceptance in the game development world as well.
  • We launched our first consumer product, SkyMaxx Pro for the X-Plane 10 flight simulator, in partnership with Maxx-XP. It has proven amazingly popular with X-Plane users and has quickly become a significant source of revenue for Sundog Software.
  • We expanded into new engines and platforms, including Unity on MacOS, Torque 3D, and iOS.

We look forward to what 2014 brings!