Triton Ocean SDK exceeding 500 FPS on consumer hardwareThe Triton Ocean SDK has hit a new milestone in version 2.83 – in our benchmarks, Triton is now capable of running at over 500 frames per second while simulating 65,535 individual ocean waves. This is on a modest dual-core Pentium 3GHx E5700 CPU with an NVidia GTX690 graphics card – so it’s not like we’re measuring this on a supercomputer. Most gaming PC’s today have more impressive specs, and we have seen Triton exceed 700 FPS at some customer sites.

This means having  a physically realistic 3D ocean wave system in your simulator or game no longer needs to come with a huge performance cost. A budget of 2 milliseconds per frame is all it takes.

Grab an evaluation of the Triton Ocean SDK and see for yourself!