Improved cumulus shading in the SilverLining Sky & 3D Cloud SDK.The latest version of the SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK (available at our evaluation page) features improved shaders for cumulus clouds – both the legacy and high-resolution variants. Update today for our most realistic-looking clouds yet! Licensed customers with up-to-date maintenance plans also have access to the latest source code.

We added more detail and smoothness to the lighting of individual cloud puffs, which gives them a much more realistic look and sense of depth. The change is subtle, but we think it pushes things just over that mental threshold where the clouds look truly real.

We also added a feature to automatically darken clouds as the cloud coverage gets larger. No more bright white cumulus clouds when you should be seeing overcast conditions!

We also further tweaked the optical properties of all cumuloform cloud types.