Triton Ocean integrated with Torque 3DVersion 3.27 of the Triton Ocean SDK includes an updated integration kit for the Torque 3D game engine. We’ve ensured it builds smoothly using Triton 3.27 and the latest version of Torque (3.6.3), and we’ve updated the readme file to be more clear on the steps needed.

This allows you to use Triton’s realistic, 3D ocean effects within Torque 3D, as well as ship wakes and buoyant objects. Real maritime simulation is now possible within Torque 3D, as well as AAA-quality ocean effects. A free evaluation of Triton is available, so you can try before you buy.

You’ll need Torque, Triton, and Torque’s Project Manager application installed. Here are the steps to use the Torque 3D sample included with the Triton Ocean SDK:

1. Copy the contents of our provided Engine and Tools directories into your Torque 3D installation.

2. Make sure you have the Torque Project Manager installed, as we will need it to generate your project.

3. If you have a Triton license code, enter that in the initTriton() method of Engine/source/environment/tritonOcean/tritonOcean.cpp.

4. Edit the “projects.xml” file for the project manager.

Open the file and find:

<entry type="modules">

Once you find that, add the following line afterwards:

<module name="Triton">Triton Ocean SDK</module>

5. Launch the project manager, and create a new project, or edit the modules of a current project. While creating the project, click “choose modules” and ensure the Triton Ocean SDK is selected. Allow the project manager to create your project files.

6. You need to modify a script in your project’s world editor, so find and open:
My Projects\<Your Project>\game\tools\worldEditor\scripts\editors\creator.ed.cs

In this file find

%this.registerMissionObject( "WaterPlane", "Water Plane" );

below it add

%this.registerMissionObject( "TritonOcean", "Triton Ocean" );
%this.registerMissionObject( "TritonLocalWind", "Triton Local Wind" );

This will allow you to add the Triton Ocean object to your scene.