Visual Studio 2015Both the SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud and Weather SDK and the Triton Ocean SDK have been updated with support for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015, and support for the newly released Update 5 for Visual Studio 2013.

This is especially important for customers using Visual Studio 2013. Update 5, which was issued by Microsoft on July 20, will break applications linking against earlier pre-built SilverLining and Triton libraries. Changes were made to STL that require our libraries to be recompiled. So, if updating to the latest versions of SilverLining or Triton with Visual Studio 2013 – be sure to have Update 5 installed. And if you’re wondering why Update 5 caused SilverLining or Triton to start crashing, just go download our updates.

On a more positive note, our new support for Visual Studio 2015 lets you move forward on Microsoft’s latest offering. You’ll find new libraries and resources for Visual Studio 2015 under the vc14 folders in our SDK’s. I’ve only been using it for a few days now, but it’s got a lot of nice new features. I really like the new built-in resource monitor that runs automatically while debugging, and it includes some neat features for cross-compilation on mobile devices.

You can get the latest evaluation SDK’s or get your licensed copies from the licensed user download portal.