Triton's latest water shader simulates tiny bubbles in turbulent areas.We’re always on the lookout for ways to make the Triton Ocean SDK‘s water look even more realistic. Version 3.38 introduces one more little bit of polish: the effect of bubbles in turbulent areas of the waves.

As part of Triton’s simulation of foam, it computes in real time which parts of the water have the most energy concentrated into them. On the water surface, this can result in foam – but underneath the foam, the water’s churning and creating small air bubbles as well. These bubbles result in the color of the water lightening a bit.

Since Triton already computes the energy in the water, it was easy to add this little touch in – and its performance cost isn’t even measurable.

It’s just another little detail that adds up to Triton’s realism, such as our simulations of double refraction, foam, spray, Fresnel effects, and reflections. It’s not something you’re likely to notice, but it helps you and your end users accept our water as being “real.”