Up and To The RightI just closed the books on 2015, and it was another record year for Sundog Software: net income (profit, after taxes) was up over 20% compared to 2014, making 2015 our best year ever on both the top and bottom line. Thanks to our loyal customers for fueling that growth!

Let’s look back at what Sundog did in 2015:

2015 also sticks out to me for a few more reasons. By and large, we stopped doing contract work in 2015, and are now focusing exclusively on making our products better and creating new products. The fact that our revenue grew even while giving up contract work is pretty exciting. That revenue comes from diverse streams all around the world: SDK’s, flight simulator add-ons, and online courses.

We’ve landed some big new customers I can’t tell you about just yet, and we’ve seen strong repeat business from our existing customers. Our strongest growth in 2015 has been in China, despite the language barrier and our lack of a local presence there.

All in all, 2015 was awesome – and the outlook for 2016’s great as well. Happy new year!