Data ScienceToday I launched my third, most ambitious course on Udemy: Data Science and Machine Learning with Python – Hands On! If you’d like to learn to apply your programming or scripting skills to the very lucrative data science field, you can enroll for $15 using coupon code DATA15.

This course draws on my nine years of experience at and, and covers all of the main topics in data mining and machine learning over 68 lectures, 9 hours of video, and lots of hands-on Python notebooks you can take with you for future reference and experimentation. There’s also a whole section on using Apache Spark’s MLLib library to scale up machine learning to a Hadoop cluster! The course includes lots of fun examples, like building a search engine for Wikipedia, developing your own movie recommendation engine, building a spam filter for email, and building an intelligent Pac-Man agent.

While Sundog’s SilverLining and Triton SDK’s continue to be our primary focus, we’ve found our foray into Udemy courses to be really rewarding as well. We’ve taught over 20,000 students in over 150 countries highly valuable, sought-after skills in just a few months already, and that’s pretty exciting stuff!