OpenIG 2.0.0 with SilverLining and TritonOur friends at ComPro have announced the release of OpenIG 2.0.0, which now includes plugin support for our SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK and our Triton Ocean SDK!

OpenIG is an open-source, cross-platform scene generator built on top of OpenSceneGraph, and it offers exciting features such as shader-based Forward-Plus lighting – enabling ridiculous numbers of simultaneous light sources in a scene. It also makes managing entities and cameras easy, along with many other features described at the OpenIG website.

ComPro has provided me with a few videos showcasing the technical capabilities of the SilverLining and Triton plugins for OpenIG. Here’s a general demo:

This next one showcases how they’ve integrated their Forward+ lighting system into SilverLining, allowing it to illuminate clouds from arbitrary light sources:

And, they even integrated Forward+ lighting into Triton, allowing light sources to illuminate the ocean water as well!

Note that although OpenIG itself is open source, its SilverLining and Triton plug-in modules still require a license for our SDK’s. These are deep integrations; not only have they integrated their lighting system into both SilverLining and Triton, they’ve taken care of all the hard parts of integrating our SDK’s into OpenSceneGraph for you. Things like reflections, height maps for smooth coastline blending, and support for logarithmic depth buffers are all there out of the box.

It’s very cool stuff! If you’re considering a new project built with OpenSceneGraph that takes advantage of Sundog Software’s technology, definitely give OpenIG a look.