FireworksBelieve it or not, it’s been 10 years since the SilverLining Sky, Cloud, and Weather SDK was first offered to the public! What started as my personal hobby project has since turned into the de-facto real-time sky and weather library in the visual simulation field, with hundreds of customers around the world – and a real business that continues to grow today.

SilverLining has come a very long way in 10 years! It’s had literally hundreds of updates during that time. We’ve added support for new OpenGL and DirectX API’s as they’ve come out, all the latest compilers, and added entire new cloud types such as stratocumulus, towering cumulus, and an all-new approach to stratus clouds. Our cumulus clouds have gone from looking like impressionist paintings to looking real. And 10 years of accumulated bug fixes and refinement have led to one of the most stable, efficient software libraries you’re likely to encounter.

The original Sundog website

The original Sundog website

SilverLining has outlived many of the game engines we’ve offered integrations with in the past: Gamebryo Lightspeed, NVidia SceniX, and Havok Vision to name a few! It’s also spun off new products, such as BlueSkies and Skymaxx Pro. And, SilverLining integrations now come included with engines such as OpenIG and osgEarth.

Our continual effort on improving SilverLining combined with simple, affordable licensing and responsive technical support have kept this product thriving for the past decade, and we’re looking forward to what the coming decade brings! Already, there are some exciting new features in development to keep SilverLining on the cutting edge. Thanks so much to all of our customers for your loyal support!