Game Engine Gems 3,We just got our copy of Game Engine Gems 3, containing 22 chapters of new techniques in graphics and rendering, physics, general programming, character control, and artificial intelligence. I’m proud to be the author of chapter 2: “Realistic Blending of Skies, Water, and Terrain!”

In my chapter, I cover the challenges of creating cohesive outdoor scenes and applying atmospheric effects in a consistent manner to the terrain, sky, and water. Distance affects the appearance of these elements in different ways, and getting it right is tougher than you might think. Inconsistent application of fog and visibility effects is surprisingly easy to do, and it can really break the immersion in your scenes. This chapter shows you what not to do – and some solutions for creating believable scenes that handle visibility effects correctly for land, sky, and sea.

I’m just starting to sink my teeth into the rest of the book, but I’m already seeing things I can apply in Triton and SilverLining to make them even better. It’s an advanced book – you’ll need to be comfortable with math and software engineering to get the most out of it. But if you’re an experienced game or simulation engine developer, there’s stuff in here that will make you even better. Check it out on Amazon.