I’m excited to announce a new brand under Sundog Software LLC: Sundog Education. This new venture’s mission is to make highly valuable skills in data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data accessible to anyone in the world. Already, our online courses have reached close to 100,000 students around the world, and changed more than a few lives.

Some of you know I’ve been dabbling in this field for a couple of years now, but it’s finally at a point where it’s more than dabbling – it’s proven to be worthy of doubling down on. In addition to Udemy, you can also find our courses through O’Reilly Media, Packt Publishing, StackSkills, OfCourse, and CyberU. These courses are actually having an impact, and so to scale things up I’ll be partnering with other industry experts to publish more courses under the Sundog Education brand.

This is really a great business to be in. There’s a huge audience of people around the world trying to learn the latest technical skills, and the growth rate of sales of these courses has been phenomenal. But in addition to being a good business, it’s a good business. As in actually doing something good for humanity. We’re making knowledge and real hands-on experience accessible to anyone, even if all they can afford is $10. We see a lot of sales in India, for example, from people who could not afford higher education otherwise.

While I’m very excited about this new venture, it doesn’t mean Sundog Software will be neglected. I’m hiring more contractors and partnering with more people to keep the pace of development high on SilverLining and Triton, and as I’ve written earlier, big changes are on the way for both products. Our SkyMaxx Pro add-on for the X-Plane flight simulator also has a big revision that should get published any day now!