UPDATE: BlueSkies and BlueWaters by AgileSrc are no longer available. Unity is not currently a supported platform for SilverLining or Triton, although it is possible to develop your own Unity plugin using our libraries if you’re proficient in C++ and OpenGL or DirectX.

Pretty often, we get asked why we don’t offer a Unity integration for the SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK or for the Triton Ocean SDK.

Well, the reasons we don’t sell a Unity package ourselves are complicated. But you can use SilverLining and Triton with Unity, thanks to our friends at AgileSrc LLC.

AgileSrc has packaged Triton for Unity as BlueWaters, and SilverLining for Unity as BlueSkies. These are native wrappers around Triton and SilverLining, so you’re getting the full power of our SDK’s within Unity – and professional support provided by AgileSrc.

If you’re looking for realistic 3D water, procedural skies, or 3D clouds for Unity, definitely check out BlueWaters and BlueSkies!