We’ve been investing a lot of energy lately into developing a thread-safe API for SilverLining, but we haven’t forgotten the importance of visual improvements as well! Your virtual skies not only need to be fast, they need to look convincing, too.

We’re happy to announce that 5.036 includes several improvements to the visual representation of clouds:

– Cumulus cloud particles have been “stretched” a little to make them appear more realistic and affected by wind
– We’ve changed our billboard rotation algorithm to further minimize visual rotation of cumulus, cumulonimbus, towering cumulus, and stratocumulus cloud particles
– The particle textures used for cumulus clouds have been improved
– We’ve increased the lighting gradients in clouds to make them appear more naturally lit

Together, it results in more realistic scenes – and that means more immersion for training purposes. These same improvements will also be a part of our upcoming SkyMaxx Pro 4.7 release, for the X-Plane platform.

If you’re an existing licensee of SilverLining, please consider upgrading! It will make your demos look their best. We saw a lot of your demos at the I/ITSEC conference this week, and they looked great – but 2019’s show can look even better!