We’re stoked to announce tight integration between our X-Plane add-ons, SkyMaxx Pro (built on our SilverLining engine) and Real Weather Connector, and FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW,) a popular weather engine in the flight simulation world. The results of these combined products are truly stunning! You’ll need the latest version of SkyMaxx Pro which is about to be released (4.7), as well as the latest release of FSGRW.

Here’s the official press release text from our friends >at PILOT’S, the makers of FSGRW:

PILOT’S is pleased to announce a cooperation with Maxx XP, in collaboration with Sundog Software, to facilitate creating an incredibly immersive and extremely realistic real-time weather environment for X-Plane 11. PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather (64bit edition), the highly acclaimed weather engine for X-Plane 11, has been adapted from build 403 (available immediately) onwards to fully interact with Sundog Software’s Real Weather Connector and the soon to be released Maxx XP SkyMaxx Pro v4.7 update! The FS Global Real Weather (64bit edition) engine is able to process a wide variety of cloud identifiers, such as Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus, Cumulonimbus and Towering Cumulus. Cirrocumulus, Nimbostratus and Stratocumulus depiction in X-Plane 11 is planned for the near future. This detailed, cloud specific information is passed onto Real Weather Connector, allowing SkyMaxx Pro cloud types and their corresponding cloud textures in X-Plane 11 to be correctly interpreted and drawn for different altitude levels, while at the same time FS Global Real Weather (64bit edition) injects real-time wind data into X-Plane 11. This adds a highly sophisticated level of realism to the X-Plane 11 world, and greatly enhances the immersive environment for both low-level GA flyers and high-altitude airline pilots.