It’s been awhile since we published a white paper! But we’ve got a new one ready for you:

GPU-Accelerated Simulation of Complex Ocean Waves for Maritime Training.

In this paper, we detail how the Triton Ocean SDK works its magic of simulating over 65,000 individual wind waves at hundreds of frames per second using GPU-accelerated inverse FFT’s, CUDA, OpenCL, and DirectCompute. We also cover how we implement not only the popular “Tessendorf” wave model, but also more sophisticated wave spectra including Pierson-Moskowitz and JONSWAP.

We’ll also dive into how swell waves get added into our wave model, and how external wave models can integrate with Triton.

This paper really goes deep into why Triton is a maritime training tool, and not just pretty 3D oceans made for games or visual effects. You’ll want to read through it to ensure you’re taking full advantage of its capabilities. Go download the paper for free.

Oh, I’m told that white papers are supposed to be “lead magnets” and I’m supposed to make you sign up for a mailing list or something before allowing you to download it. But I think that’s annoying. If you want to subscribe to our mailing list though, feel free!