Our partners at SimBlocks LLC have updated their Triton SDK for Unity to support Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP.) This makes Triton compatible with modern Unity-based simulation and training applications built with URP to accelerate development.

SimBlocks has wrapped our low-level, C++ based ocean simulation library in a C# wrapper and plugin for Unity. This means you get the same features and performance out of our physically-based wave simulations as you would in our native libraries for OpenGL and DirectX developers. Triton delivers simulation-grade oceans suitable for maritime training, including ship wakes. When paired with the One World SDK for Unity, Triton may also be used in whole-Earth simulations with geocentric terrain databases. The Unity version also includes a built-in buoyancy model to speed up development further.

For more information on the Triton SDK for Unity, please visit SimBlocks at https://www.simblocks.io/triton-sdk-for-unity. Triton for Unity is sold and supported exclusively by SimBlocks LLC.