SilverLining Sky & 3D Clouds SDK

Leave your weather requirements to us. Save years using our proven technology.

Fast, realistic atmospheres for Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX, and Unity Developers.

  • Automatic skies, 3D clouds, and weather for any time and location
  • Simple and reasonable licensing
  • Quick integration with major simulation & gaming platforms
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Crepuscular rays, god rays, or rays of light from the sun behind SilverLining's 3D clouds.

Dynamic Skydomes for Any Time and Location

SilverLining produces accurate skies for any given time and location, fast and automatically. Spend your art resources on something else.

  • Real atmospheric scattering simulation
  • Ephemeris model for accurate sun & moon
  • Crepuscular Rays (“God Rays”)
  • Accurate stars and planets at night
  • Fast performance
  • New Hosek-Wilkie sky color algorithm
  • Dynamic time of day effects
  • Provides tone-mapped natural light sources to light your scene
  • Realistic twilight lighting effects
  • Accurate moon phases
  • High-altitude effects and atmospheric limb from space
Sundog's SilverLining 3D Clouds and Dynamic Sky in a Unity project.

Easy Integration With Your Engine

SilverLining integrates into most engines with just a few lines of code. Like hundreds of other developers worldwide, you’ll be up and running quickly.

  • Support for Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX9, and DirectX11
  • Unity integration sold and supported by
  • Libraries for Windows or Linux
  • Built-in integration with osgEarth and OpenIG
  • Sample code for OpenSceneGraph (OSG), VulkanSceneGraph (VSG), Rocky, and Diligent Engine included
  • C++ and C# API’s provided
  • Works with any coordinate system, including whole-Earth ECEF / geocentric
  • Fast, responsive technical support

Real Volumetric, 3D Clouds – Real Fast.

We use multiple volumetric rendering techniques to give you the most realistic 3D clouds at the best performance. We’ll conjure up any weather you want.

  • Cumulus congestus and mediocris clouds
  • GPU ray-casted stratocumulus
  • Cirrus, cirrocumulus, and stratus
  • Cumulonimbus thunderheads with lightning
  • Sandstorm (haboob) simulation
  • Procedural simulation of cloud growth – no two clouds are the same!
  • Simulate any cloud coverage over an infinite area
  • Clouds move and animate with wind
  • Looks great from the ground and in flight
  • Precipitation: rain, sleet, and snow
  • Automatic cloud shadow maps
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