Save years of development time with Sundog’s fast, physically accurate environmental effects. Download a demo or an evaluation SDK. For OpenGL, DirectX, OpenSceneGraph, Ogre, & more.

The SilverLining™ sky, cloud, and weather SDK renders real-time skies for any time at any location. It provides 3D volumetric clouds, precipitation, stars, and realistic outdoor scene lighting. SilverLining is widely used by games, training, simulation, and broadcast applications around the world. For C++ and C# developers on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, or Android. The Triton Ocean SDK™ renders fast, infinite 3D oceans and ship wakes for any given wind or wave conditions. Using GPGPU technologies that adapt to the system it’s on, Triton delivers high framerates for serious water visual simulation on any modern system. For C++ and C# OpenGL, DirectX developers on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Sundog’s products integrate with these engines and frameworks:

Microsoft DirectX OpenGL OpenSceneGraph
Ogre3D torque-sm


Sundog Software‘s technology for real-time sky rendering, 3D cloud, and real-time water rendering is found all around the world in training and simulation applications, games, serious games, architectural visualization, and broadcast video. Government agencies and companies large and small are among our hundreds of customers, using SilverLining and Triton from custom OpenGL and DirectX engines, as well as with OpenSceneGraph, Ogre, Torque 3D, and more. Our SDK’s are used in Java, C++, C#, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux environments.

You’ll find Sundog’s technical support is unparalleled; we measure our time to resolution in hours, not days.

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